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If you had the opportunity to predict and prevent serious medical conditions and issues before they become major, would you take it?

As an advocate for preventative wellness, my answer to that question is a resounding “yes,” and when a trusted friend who is also a preventative wellness enthusiast introduced me to Prenuvo, I had the chance to act on my word.

Prenuvo is a precise, comprehensive MRI scan that uses cutting-edge techniques and software to diagnose various health concerns early and accurately. Prenuvo scans offer clinical-quality health insights that empower you to make decisions about your health.

“Preventative wellness is a proactive approach to maintaining good health by addressing illness or disease before it occurs.” – Nancy Twine

Like I do with any investment, I did some research on Prenuvo before taking the leap. I read and listened to reviews, followed up on some research, and thoroughly examined Prenuvo’s website to get a well-rounded idea of what to expect and test the legitimacy of the company. I, of course, suggest you do the same for your own confidence and clarity.

All of my talks and research started magnetizing the procedure towards me in the form of ads and women I admire sharing their experiences with Prenuvo on my Instagram feed. (The algorithm gods were truly working overtime!). Eventually, my skepticism was outweighed by my curiosity and I found myself booking the whole body scan at their Florida location.

What You Should Know About Prenuvo

Now, before we go on, I wanted to share a few main points that I believe are important to note for anyone considering this scan.

1. It’s expensive

They do not accept insurance. A full, whole-body scan averages $2,499 US dollars. You can save $200 on the procedure using my code: xw6ge. (I do not make any affiliate commissions if you use it.)

2. You can save money

You can save money and get specific with a focus scan on particular areas of your body. For example, you can choose a torso or head scan, as opposed to the more expensive full body scan.

3. Book sooner than later

It took about five weeks to land an appointment. (It’s a fairly popular service with limited locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.)

4. It doesn’t hurt

The procedure is painless but uncomfortable. (Especially if you’re not a fan of confined spaces.)

My Experience With Prenuvo

I traveled from Miami Beach to Boca Raton the day of my appointment. When I walked into the Prenuvo facility, I was immediately impressed by the modern, clean space. It put me at ease as I was met with professional and timely staff. I was immediately seen and checked into my designated space. I was given a special set of scrubs, including a special bra, before being guided by the tech toward the machine.

Nancy Twine talking a photo of herself wearing medical scrubs at the Prenuvo facility

My tech started with an overview of what I should expect. I took it all in as he went through the logistics, mentally preparing myself to have my limbs secured for the 60-minute scan. This step is essential because, just like any MRI, it’s difficult to receive proper imaging when moving around.

“Prenuvo scans offer clinical-quality health insights that empower you to make decisions about your health.” – Nancy Twine

After his spiel, he asked me what Netflix show I wanted to watch. The logic? If you’re watching a show you love, you’ll likely be relaxed and undistracted by the stillness required to get through your assessment. (Confession? I chose to catch up on Emily In Paris.)

Emily in Paris taking a selfie

I was eventually instructed to lay on the bed that would roll me into the MRI machine. My arms were secured with a padded foam rest, and I was given special glasses to protect my eyes while watching Netflix. When I was finally rolled into the machine, I was surprised by the theater-quality stream of Emily In Paris. I felt fully immersed in the view. Throughout my scan, I was periodically asked to hold my breath for 10-second increments. (I did this for about 10 rounds.) Outside of that minor distraction, I was relatively unbothered and thoroughly distracted by Netflix. The hour flew by.

As I was pulled out of the machine, I settled back into reality and was told my results would be analyzed and shared through a client portal within a few weeks. I recently received my results, easily navigated the intuitive client portal, and reviewed my thorough assessment.

Some of the assessments included, with details and images, for the full body scan:

1. Nervous system

2. Respiratory system

3. Circulatory system

4. Integumentary system

5. Endocrine system

6. Urinary system

7. Reproductive system

8. Digestive system

9. Musculoskeletal system

While I had some minor findings, nothing caught me off guard, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that I had a relatively clean and clear bill of health. For me, the cost was worth the relief, and I plan on having a follow-up scan within the next two to five years.

I recognize Prenuvo isn’t the most accessible tool for preventative wellness, but if you can invest in your wellness at a larger scale, I highly recommend this scan. Treat yourself to the discount code shared earlier in this post, and let me know how it goes for you.

Have you heard of Prenuvo? Share your thoughts on this health modality and share your other experiences with preventative wellness in the comments!

Disclaimer: Nancy Twine and Twine Media LLC will not receive any compensation for the code provided. Only the users will receive a discounted purchase on their booking.


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