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Anu Duggal Believes Women Entrepreneurs Are the Future

Anu Duggal is a beacon of hope for female entrepreneurs. Anu is the founding partner behind Female Founders Fund, the leading source of institutional capital for female founders raising seed capital. As the driving force behind FFF, Anu uses her lived experience and diverse expertise to give women-led ventures a strong foundation.

Established in 2014, Female Founders Fund manages over $100M worth of assets and has invested in industry-defining companies including Maven Clinic, Zoella, Rent The Runway, and Billi.

Anu is a force in impact investing whose ability to diversify capital has been widely celebrated. Her accolades include Fortune’s “40 Under 40,” Crain’s “Notable Women,” and Business Insider’s “Ultimate List of Female Startup Investors.”

Although Anu may not hold a “traditional” background in the industries she invests in, her belief that women are the future has fueled some of entrepreneurship’s most inspirational success stories. 

Key Insights from Nancy’s Conversation with Anu

In her interview on the Makers Mindset podcast, Anu shares empowering insights for anyone looking to make their mark on unfamiliar territory. Here are key takeaways from the conversation:

1. Embracing Inexperience as a Superpower

Anu believes that inexperience is a superpower. Her professional experience spans various industries, from launching India’s first wine bar to spearheading a revolutionary investment fund.

Anu embodies the spirit of innovation that comes from stepping into the unknown. Each venture she takes on is fueled by her curiosity to learn, grow, and succeed. She doesn’t view inexperience as a setback, she embraces it as a challenge. 

“Inexperience breeds a unique form of curiosity and fearlessness that can disrupt industries and lead to profound innovations.”

Anu encourages others to approach entrepreneurship with the same vigor. Remain open to advice, forge new connections, and think outside the confines of ‘traditional’ business norms.

2. Always Consider Your Legacy and Impact

Two core principles of Anu’s investment strategy are legacy and impact. She encourages the founders she invests in to look beyond the financial returns and consider the broader impact of their work. How will their business open doors for future generations? What possibilities will they invent as a result of their work?

“It’s about paving the way for future generations, not just hitting quarterly targets.”

Anu says maintaining this perspective is key to building a legacy. A “greater good” mindset shifts the focus from short-term gains to long-term transformations, like empowering future generations of female entrepreneurs.

3. The Power of Long-Term Vision

Maintaining both short-term goals and a long-term vision creates balance. Anu says this balance helps ground entrepreneurs while keeping them on their toes, poised to innovate. 

Anu maintains this balance by keeping track of daily targets while strategizing at least one decade in advance. This approach ensures her investments are successful today and well-positioned to lead their sectors in the future. Planning for the future while remaining present helps Anu be consistent and prepares her for unexpected opportunities and challenges.

Anu is a true entrepreneur. She embraces the unknown with optimism, stamina, and an appetite for change.

Her story is a lesson for anyone hoping to enter a new field or disrupt an old one. Embrace your novice status and focus on your long-term goals. The key to building your legacy might just be one mindset shift away. 

What did you take away from Anu’s episode of Makers Mindset? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.