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Welcome to, the latest leg of my personal and professional journey. I was inspired to create this content site through learning, over time, the fundamentals of how to go about achieving my goals and crafting a life that’s meaningful, purpose-driven and, most importantly, fun! By being intentional about what I want in life, I’ve been able to architect detailed goals and milestones that have manifested into incredible opportunities and outcomes in many areas of my life. Defining what my dream career looked like, what amount of savings would lead me to financial independence, what kind of relationships I derived the most joy and growth from, and which places in the world I wanted to experience has become my ever-evolving blueprint for living a balanced and fulfilling life. My goal with this site is to curate content that will inspire your intention-setting and help you navigate how to reach your goals by sharing my authentic experiences, as well as the perspectives and insights of third-party experts who I trust and respect immensely.

“Tapping into my intuition and learning how to listen to my gut, while also taking well-thought out risks, is how I ultimately turned turbulence into triumph.” – Nancy Twine

Getting to where I am today was not a straight line. I had to learn many elements of entrepreneurship the hard way and figure out the day-to-day on my own for most of my career. Whether it was navigating the many difficulties and politics of my finance career or transitioning to a full-time entrepreneur in a category I had zero experience in, I learned that there’s no manual to navigating life’s twists and turns. Tapping into my intuition and learning how to listen to my gut, while also taking well-thought out risks, is how I ultimately turned turbulence into triumph. Seeing and learning from others who did the things I wanted to do successfully helped me believe that my dreams were possible and ultimately encouraged me to stay the course — even when things felt impossible. Seeing is believing, so I hope the experiences I share and the lessons from other contributing experts will add legitimate value to your journey of discovery and manifesting your best life.

My mission with this site is to empower you with the tools, resources, insights and connections that will help unlock your best potential. Each week I will be sharing articles written by myself and other trusted experts to provide diverse and educated perspectives on a variety of topics: Careers & Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Personal Relationships, Health & Wellness, Travel & Lifestyle and Growth Mindset. I believe educating yourself and setting intentions against these six pillars is essential to building a well-rounded life, and to empowering your best you. I am also hosting an Ask Nancy section of the site to provide an open forum where you can submit your questions directly to me, and each month I will share my perspective on a selection of your questions in a published article. I will also crowd source Ask Nancy topics through Instagram regularly, so be sure to follow me and let me know what you’d like to see next!

Thanks for joining me on this journey and for letting me be part of yours! Xo Nancy