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Health is the ultimate wealth. You can have money, an inspiring job, a great partner — all things you may think signal success, but if you don’t feel good or energized, that “success” doesn’t matter so much. I’ve been fortunate to not have personally experienced any major or chronic health setbacks in my life, but I know that even just being sick with the flu or a headache from lack of sleep can prevent me from showing up as my best self. Some health conditions are out of our control, but many are preventable when we prioritize and invest in our health the way we do in other areas of our life.  

I didn’t grow up in a household where healthy eating and exercise were prioritized, mostly due to lack of nutritional education. Growing up, I didn’t learn about the negative impacts of sugary drinks and snacks, or that consuming processed and fast food regularly could lead to chronic health conditions. As I entered my late 20s and early 30s, I realized that what I was consuming, my level of exercise, and my wellness routine determined my mood, focus, energy, sleep and ability to show up in the world the way I knew I was capable of. It impacted how I felt about myself — and ultimately how others likely perceived me. Twelve years ago, I got a reality check about prioritizing diet and exercise when I had comprehensive physical and blood work done. I was informed my A1C levels (the average amount of sugar in your blood) were in the pre-diabetic range. I was unaware of how my eating and (lack of) exercise habits were impacting my health. I had been prioritizing my hectic finance career over my wellbeing and my body ultimately responded.

“Wellness is about much more than just physical health — it balances emotional, social and spiritual well-being, which are essential to leading a life well-lived.” – Nancy Twine

Those unexpected test results gave me the wakeup call I needed to prioritize my health and wellness routine. My long-term dedication to getting my blood sugar situation in check through intentional diet and exercise have put my levels back into the normal/healthy range and have stayed that way for over a decade. Health and wellness are important because they help us live a high-quality life. When we feel good and energized, we engage more intentionally in all aspects of life and experience greater productivity at work and at home. Living a healthy lifestyle also impacts our mental health and the quality of our relationships with others. Wellness is about much more than just physical health — it balances emotional, social and spiritual well-being, which are essential to leading a life well-lived.  

Over the years, my health and wellness routine has expanded beyond just diet and exercise; it also includes regular meditation, therapy, stretching, journaling and spending time alone. Listening to my body and being flexible by adjusting my routine based on what I need on any given day has allowed me to create a strong foundation to feel my best and to be able to show up as my highest self. 

I look forward to exploring different health and wellness modalities and tapping into expert advice through this content pillar so we can learn how to maximize our wellbeing every day, together.