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Ask Nancy: How Do You Combat Negativity as an Entrepreneur?

Negativity is an inevitable part of life that everyone faces at some point. Some will face it more frequently than others, and some will face it no matter how positive and awesome they are. As an entrepreneur, I’ve encountered a multitude of negativity throughout my journey, and it’s important to acknowledge that negativity from others always hurts. I recommend allowing yourself to feel the emotions instead of suppressing them. However, it’s crucial to reflect and reframe the situation as soon as possible to prevent the other person’s negativity from bringing you down to their level for too long. Remember, energy impacts energy, and absorbing someone else’s problems is counterproductive. 

In this Ask Nancy post, I’ll share what I’ve found to be a few effective strategies for combating negativity and maintaining a positive mindset as an entrepreneur.

Acknowledging Negativity

First and foremost, it’s essential to normalize negativity and recognize that negative emotions are a natural part of human nature. Accept that you cannot always control how others feel or their negative behavior towards you. Remember, it’s OK to feel hurt initially, but it’s crucial to reflect and reframe the situation to avoid letting negativity consume you.

Understanding the Sources of Negativity

Negativity can stem from various reasons, including jealousy, a desire for revenge, emotional instability, or prejudice. Recognize that these negative catalysts often arise from the other person’s insecurities, personal issues, or biases (sometimes people simply won’t like you because you are who you are), rather than any fault of your own. By understanding the sources, you can begin to detach yourself from the other person’s negativity.

Tips for Combating Negativity

Below are a few tips that have helped me combat negativity:

1. Reframe Negative Thoughts

Training your mind to reframe negative thoughts is challenging but impactful. Instead of dwelling on negativity, look for lessons or silver linings in the situation. Remember, the negativity from others is often a reflection of their own battles and has little to do with you personally.

2. Surround Yourself With Positivity

Build a support system consisting of friends, family, or other trusted entrepreneurs who believe in you and your vision. Surrounding yourself with positive influences helps strengthen your confidence, regardless of the negativity around you.

3. Celebrate Small Wins

While entrepreneurs often set ambitious goals, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the small wins along the way. Recognizing these accomplishments boosts happiness and helps maintain a positive mindset.

4. Practice Self-Care

Entrepreneurs often neglect their well-being while focusing on their business. Prioritize self-care by incorporating exercise, sufficient sleep, and regular breaks into your routine. Treat yourself with kindness and practice self-compassion. Remember, maintaining a healthy mind and body is vital for resilience and navigating entrepreneurial challenges.

5. Stay True to Your Purpose

Remind yourself of your vision and the reasons you started your business. When faced with negativity or challenges, anchor yourself to your purpose and stay focused on your goals. Let your passion and purpose be the driving force that helps you overcome negativity and remain dedicated to your mission.

“Although combating negativity is not always easy, adopting the right mindset can empower you to thrive as an entrepreneur.” – Nancy Twine

As I’ve personally experienced, negativity from others can be hurtful, and it’s important to allow yourself to feel the emotions. However, it’s equally crucial to reflect, reframe, and not let negativity bring you down for too long. Remember, energy impacts energy, and absorbing someone else’s problems hinders your growth. By reframing negative thoughts, surrounding yourself with positivity, celebrating small wins, practicing self-care, and staying true to your purpose, you can overcome negativity and develop resiliency as an entrepreneur.

I hope these tips and perspectives are helpful to you!  Feel free to share additional tips or feedback about how you’ve overcome negativity in the comments below.