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We’ll talk a lot on this site about how to reach your career goals, start building wealth through a sound savings plan and how to build and maintain a solid wellness routine so you can look and feel your best along the way. But, as you put in the work to reach your personal milestones, it’s important to take time to celebrate them and invest in regular “relax and reset” moments so that you can continue to do what you do best — and not end up in a state of burnout.

Personally? When it comes to burnout, I’ve been there before. I poured everything into reaching my professional goals, which included working days, nights and weekends, neglecting friends and family, and sacrificing sleep and exercise so I had time to check-off my never-ending to-do list. While I was making real progress with launching my business, I didn’t feel great and knew I was beginning to experience signs of burnout like extreme fatigue, cloudy memory, and irritability. When I finally realized my ambitious lack of work-life balance was beginning to take a toll, I knew I had to be more intentional about creating balance. Otherwise, I could risk all the work I had put in so far by not being able to maintain my level of creativity and agility as an entrepreneur.

“What I love most about traveling, especially internationally, is that I’m reminded there’s so much more to experience and learn in life beyond my day-to-day reality.” – Nancy Twine

Many people think creating balance means fitting a wellness regimen into your everyday work routine. While wellness is a component of creating work-life balance, that balance also includes diversifying your everyday experience through new social activities and travel. Shifting your brain outside of its comfort zone to explore different places through travel, unique dining experiences and new social scenes is essential to creating balance, recharging your creative talent, and, in some instances, kickstarting personal growth.

What I love most about traveling, especially internationally, is that I’m reminded there’s so much more to experience and learn in life beyond my day-to-day reality. Traveling to obscure cities alone forces me outside my comfort zone, especially when it comes to spending lots of solo time or putting myself out there to meet new people. Both of these things can be especially daunting when there’s a language barrier. Whether traveling to explore or to relax and reset, or traveling alone or with a group of friends, so much of my own personal growth, learning, and new creativity has sprung from moments when I experienced new cultures and ways of doing things.  

Since most of us can only travel for leisure once to a few times per year, exploring what life has to offer locally is another form of adventure. Whether it’s checking out new restaurant spots, social events or art scenes, prioritizing leisure time as part of your health and wellness routine is just as impactful as exploring a new city or country. It’s so important to experience life beyond our daily, work-oriented routine and we need to schedule it the same way we would a work meeting or doctor’s appointment. Planning trips and other outings with friends and family is also a great way to maintain personal relationships and celebrate special moments.

You’ve worked hard, you’ve been accomplishing your goals, you’ve been saving — you deserve to spend some of that hard-earned abundance on exploration and adventure. I’m excited to share some of my favorite travel destinations, special experiences, places to dine and more to help inspire your next adventures. I’ll also invite a few special guests to share their must-do lists, too, so we can explore together!

Let’s go places!