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Truth? I really needed a break from the hustle of my day-to-day. While I’m always grateful for the abundance of opportunities, events, and networks in my universe, I needed some personal time to relax and recharge my energy and focus. I also wanted some personal time to reflect and celebrate recent accomplishments and milestones — something I don’t always take the time to do because everything is moving so fast.

As an entrepreneur, I know how easy it is to be swept up in the daily grind, so I have to be intentional about stepping away. It can feel intimidating to hit pause, but rest is one of the most overlooked yet effective ways to support the energy needed to build a better business. 

For me, traveling is one of my favorite ways to reset and re-energize so that I can show up for my team and those around me each day as my best self. Before every vacation, I make sure things are squared away with work and my team is clear on priorities so I can truly disconnect and relax while I’m out of office. After wrapping up a handful of phone meetings and tightening up loose ends, I found myself in the serene coastal haven of St. Tropez.

Why St. Tropez?

Since my intention for this trip was to relax and recharge, I chose a location with a slower, laid back pace where I could genuinely disconnect. I knew I wanted three main things from my travel destination: a place to be present and in the moment, lots of quiet downtime and sunshine, and access to great food and atmosphere. St. Tropez was the perfect place to unwind with its idyllic beaches, charming streets, and vibrant culture.

Nestled along the stunning French Riviera, surrounded by the preservation of rich cultural heritage, charming pastel-colored houses, and historic sites, was a reminder to take in the beauty around me and the work that led me there. St. Tropez was an essential stop on my 11-day getaway, including four days in Paris and Crillon. (But more on these stops later.)

The Itinerary

My St. Tropez itinerary was less structured to enhance the feeling of relaxation. Rather than mirroring my usually planned and packed schedule, I opted to follow a general rhythm:

Mornings & Where to Stay:

After grabbing a light bite and coffee from the hotel, each morning began with a walk through town to soak in the local atmosphere and get some early steps in for the day. These morning walks into town were made easier by a centrally-located stay at Byblos Hotel.

Whenever I travel, I prioritize finding accommodations that are central. A walkable location that is easy to find and with good amenities adds convenience to my trip and creates more space for zen. St. Tropez has amazing options depending on your group size and budget. Airbnbs or villas are great if you have a larger group or better understanding of the city. (Most villas and Airbnbs are outside of town.) Personally, I prefer hotels to have access to amenities, like spa, restaurant, and gym, that make for an all-inclusive stay. If you’re exploring St. Tropez hotel options, here are some of my favorites:

1. Byblos

Byblos is a legendary hotel in St. Tropez, known for its beautiful ambiance and rich history. I loved my comfortable room, beautiful gardens, great spa menu, and outdoor lounge area for late night apps and drinks. It’s in the center of St. Tropez which makes it really easy to walk anywhere around the main town area. There’s a nightclub located in the hotel, Caves du Royal, that can build quite a line outside of the hotel on Friday and Saturday nights. Despite this, my room was super quiet and it didn’t bother me. Of note are the high steps you need to climb when coming and going from the hotel — which may not be ideal for some guests.

2. Hotel Sezz

Hotel Sezz is a modern boutique hotel in St. Tropez, known for its contemporary design and upscale amenities. I stayed here the previous year. I really loved the minimalist rooms, quiet atmosphere, chic outdoor pool area, and a Michelin-starred restaurant, Colette. The only downside is that you have to take a car into town (~15 min ride) to get anywhere you want to go.

3. Airelles

I haven’t stayed at Airelles yet, but a few friends of mine rave about its elegance, privacy, and incredible service. The pristine hotel is nestled on a hillside and surrounded by vineyards. The property features one-of-a-kind accommodations, stunning sea views, a beautiful spa, and fine dining options.

4. Pan Dei Palais

I haven’t stayed at this hotel yet, but Pan Dei Palais caught my eye when I was walking back to my own hotel one night. It’s a boutique hotel (only 12 rooms!) housed in a 19th-century mansion in St. Tropez and operated by the same hotel group as Airelles. It’s directly in the center of town, making it a great place to stay if you want to be within walking distance of the main city St. Tropez. The hotel offers luxurious rooms, a tranquil courtyard, a spa, and a beautiful restaurant.

Afternoons & What to Do:

I spent some early afternoons shopping and exploring the charming streets of St. Tropez. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, I ventured through the bustling Place des Lices Market, a vibrant and popular open-air market in the heart of the town. It’s a lively gathering spot that comes alive on market days, attracting locals and tourists, creating a bustling atmosphere. The market offers an eclectic shopping experience with everything from fresh produce to clothing, accessories, books, crafts, and more.

This year, I shopped for simple linen dresses to add to my loungy summer wardrobe. I also brought a few cheeses and fruits to snack on back at the hotel and a few bath salts and oils for future at-home spa days. The market is also a great place to people-watch and soak in more of the local culture of St. Tropez.

Later in the afternoon for lunch, I’d head to one of St. Tropez’s many chic and laid back beach clubs. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beach, sunshine and a delicious lunch — all in a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere. Here are some of my favorite beach clubs:

1. Le Club 55

Le Club 55 is a legendary beach club in St. Tropez. It’s my favorite beach club to visit because it has a bit of an untouched, old-school St. Tropez vibe to it. It’s been around since 1955, and the actress, Bridgette Bardot, helped turn it into a famous hangout spot and an epicenter of St. Tropez beach culture. Le Club 55 has a relaxed but chic atmosphere with sunbeds, umbrellas, and a beachfront restaurant that serves French and Mediterranean cuisine — including fresh seafood and local specialties.

2. Gigi

Gigi is a stylish beach club on Pampelonne Beach in St. Tropez. I like this club most for the vibe and not-so-hectic beach scene. The club also has a great beachside bar and restaurant that serves a blended menu of Mediterranean and international dishes.

3. Shellona

Shellona is another beautiful beach club on Pampelonne Beach. I like the laid-back ambiance and bohemian chic style of the club. It’s a relaxed beachside setting with sun loungers, umbrellas, and a restaurant serving a fusion of Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine. This year, Christian Dior took over the decor and all of the beach chairs, pillows, and umbrellas were decked out in Dior’s summer motif.

4. Byblos

Byblos is a popular hotel in St. Tropez that also has a beach club on Pampelonne Beach for hotel guests and visitors. The beach club offers a tranquil setting with sunbeds, beachside dining, and a bar serving cocktails and lunch dishes. This is typically my go-to beach club for a quieter setting with fewer people.

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, a creative soul needing a retreat, or simply someone looking to unwind and romance in a seaside city, St. Tropez is a haven of tranquility and beauty.” – Nancy Twine

Evenings & Where to Eat:

Evenings typically began with a nap to recharge before a later dinner around 9pm. The dining scene in St. Tropez can be quite lively, with vibrant restaurants and many different cuisine options. While there are so many dining experiences to choose from, including casual to sophisticated atmospheres, here are my recommendations on where to eat on your trip to St. Tropez:

1. LE TIGRR (Central St. Tropez)

LE TIGRR combines a lively and stylish atmosphere with a laid back vibe, serving up fusion cuisine that combines Asian and Mediterranean flavors.

What I’ve ordered and loved: Beef salad, spinach & chicken rolls, shrimp sauteed with garlic, chicken & lemongrass skewers, banana fried rolls

2. BanH-Hoï (Central St. Tropez)

BanH-Hoï is a casual, incredibly charming Vietnamese restaurant in St. Tropez that combines traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist.

What I’ve ordered and loved: Salt & pepper prawns, green Thai curry chicken breast, chicken spring rolls, sticky rice with coconut milk, chocolate spring rolls.

3. La Réserve (Ramatouille)

La Réserve is a very sophisticated waterfront restaurant in St. Tropez with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its elegant setting and refined French cuisine, it’s a fine dining experience focused on fresh seafood and local ingredients.

What I’ve ordered and loved: Go with any of the tasting menus — you will not go wrong!

4. Salama (Central St. Tropez)

Salama is a Moroccan-inspired restaurant in the heart of St. Tropez. It offers an enchanting ambiance and a menu featuring traditional Moroccan dishes such as couscous, tagines, and flavorful mezze plates. 

What I’ve ordered and loved: Chicken pastillas, chicken tagine, lamb with couscous.

5. Maison Revka (Central St. Tropez)

Maison Revka is a cozy and charming French bistro nestled in St. Tropez, serving classic French dishes with a touch of Provençal influence.

What I’ve ordered and loved: King crab salad with avocado and baby gem lettuce, salmon filet with black rice, whipped cream filled choux.

6. Vague D’or (Outskirts of Central St. Tropez)

Vague D’or is a renowned Michelin-starred restaurant in the luxury hotel Cheval Blanc. It’s a fine dining experience, serving gourmet French cuisine with incredible Mediterranean views. I haven’t yet been able to get a reservation here and hope to next year — you have to book out at least 30 days in advance.

7.  L’Opéra (Central St. Tropez)

L’Opéra is one of the most popular party restaurants in St. Tropez. The menu offers a nice selection of global cuisine, but people typically don’t go here for the food — they go for the entertainment and lively atmosphere.  The restaurant puts on a few shows throughout the evening, including DJs, dancers, singers, and surprise acts.  It’s a great spot for a fun date night or a larger group dinner.

What I’ve ordered and loved: Wagyu beef tataki, langoustines ravioli, black truffle linguine, praline chocolate emulsion.

Quick Facts on St. Tropez

St. Tropez was the perfect backdrop for relaxing and enjoying a bit of fun!  The casual vibe of the city  made each day flow effortlessly as I enjoyed  a break from my usual hectic day-to-day. The time away was definitely well spent and gave me the reset I needed to return to work and personal life with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

St. Tropez itinerary review

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking inspiration, a creative soul needing a retreat, or simply someone looking to unwind and romance in a seaside city, St. Tropez is a haven of tranquility and beauty. Its charm, beautiful  landscapes, and vibrant culture create the perfect destination for a balance of relaxation and fun experiences. To make your next trip easier, I’ve included a downloadable guide of must-have items to pack and bring with you on your trip.

Is St. Tropez on your travel wish list? Have you been? Share your experience with me!