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Whitney Casey, Partner at L Catterton & Co-Founder of Tally Health


Episode Highlights

  • Everything doesn’t always have to go to plan. While setting goals is important- Whitney thinks it’s just as important to embrace the opportunities that come your way. It’s the willingness to seize these new opportunities that will help you level up.
  • Learn how to be a storyteller. No matter what industry you’re in, storytelling is key to how you’ll reach and engage with your audience. Understand your audience, and tailor your messaging accordingly.
  • Ask questions. Whitney thinks that ‘faking it until you make it’ is misguided advice. Instead, admit when you don’t know something, and ask questions. That’s the way to grow.
  • Prioritize your long-term health. The decisions you make now don’t just affect how you feel mentally and physically today, they continue to impact your health long-term.

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Whitney Casey couldn’t have predicted her journey. Starting as one of the youngest anchors on CNN Headline News, Whitney’s path has been dynamic, and sometimes chaotic, to lead her where she is today. As both a co-founder and private equity investor, Whitney leverages the skills she’s developed over her career to bring unique perspectives to everything she does. She shares with Nancy the importance of seizing opportunity, even if it might not align with your plans or goals. Additionally, Nancy and Whitney discuss how Whitney’s background as an entrepreneur influences the type of investor she is – and she shares some great tips for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. Finally, as co-founder of Tally Health, Whitney has a passion for prioritizing self-care for longevity, and shares some important healthy habits that have been transformative for her wellbeing.

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