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Sheena Zadeh, Founder of Kosas


Episode Highlights

  • There is no substitute for time: Sheena underscores the value of giving things time. Mastery in any field requires patience and persistence. Embrace the learning curve; it’s okay not to have all the answers initially.
  • Founder vs. CEO: The energy and creativity that it takes to be a founder and entrepreneur are very different from the skillset it takes to be a CEO day-to-day. Determining where to best apply your efforts can significantly enhance your impact.
  • Self-Investment: Sheena advocates for introspection and self-awareness as cornerstones of professional success. Knowing yourself, and identifying sources of fulfillment are pivotal in carving a successful path and leading a team effectively.
  • Surround yourself with a team that compliments your skills: Find people who compliment your skillset. It takes a huge variety of perspectives and skills to build a successful business and team.

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Sheena Zadeh blended her background in science with a love of cosmetics to create Kosas Cosmetics, a brand that proudly states that it’s ‘makeup for skincare freaks.’ Sheena’s journey has been a testament to adaptation, experimentation and a passion for what she does. Juggling roles as CEO and founder, she eventually opted to step back from the CEO position to focus on Kosas’s creative vision. She and Nancy dive into this decision, in addition to exploring the intricacies of building a successful brand and team, while emphasizing the importance of self-investment.

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