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Karissa Bodnar, Founder & CEO of Thrive Causemetics and Bigger Than Beauty Skincare


Episode Highlights

  • Business With Purpose: Discover how the loss of Karissa’s friend Kristy at the age of 24 inspired her to create a mission-driven business and transformed her work into a calling.
  • Being Smart About Investors: Gain insights into important considerations when thinking about bringing on an investment partner.
  • Leadership as a People Pleaser: Learn how Karissa overcame her desire to people please to become a more effective and impactful leader.
  • Build a Community Outside of Work: Understand the importance of cultivating a diverse support community, especially when feeling overwhelmed.

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When Karissa Bodnar started Thrive Causemetics out of her one-bedroom apartment, she was determined to create a business that was mission-driven to its core. Inspired by the loss of a close friend to cancer, Karissa set out to craft a makeup brand committed to giving back. Today, Thrive Causemetics proudly supports over 500 giving partners and has contributed millions in fundings and products to charitable organizations. Join Karissa and Nancy as they discuss Karissa’s journey as a mission-driven founder and explore the evolution of her business into the impactful force it is today.

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