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Welcome to Makers Mindset


Dive into the enlightening stories of resilience and success from today’s foremost female entrepreneurs and leaders with your host, Nancy Twine. Transitioning from a high-flying career at Goldman Sachs to founding a nine-figure beauty business, Nancy brings a wealth of experience and insight to each conversation. Makers Mindset is your invitation to the inner workings of female pioneers across sectors such as technology, beauty, fashion, healthcare, finance, and philanthropy. Every episode unlocks an intimate look at the personal journeys of female founders, executives, and changemakers.

Tune into Makers Mindset for empowering stories and actionable insights that can spark your own path to success. Whether you’re aspiring to lead, seeking to build, or simply looking for inspiration, these stories of determination, grit, and triumph will fuel your journey forward.

Find Makers Mindset on your favorite podcast platform or on YouTube, starting March 14th.

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