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Time is your most precious commodity when running a business, but ironically, busy schedules are often the most sedentary.  

In addition to affecting your physical and mental health, a more stationary lifestyle can wreak havoc on time management and balancing a routine while traveling. Morning calls often require earlier wake up times to accommodate a workout  – which also means an earlier bedtime if you want to maintain your ideal hours of sleep. This requires you to be mindful of your social life and how much you’re able to take on in the evenings. 

But good planning and time management allow me to maintain a morning workout routine so that I can ensure I’m starting my day with movement, which is crucial to me for several reasons that I’ll discuss shortly in this article. While traveling, which I have to do often, can create new obstacles, like adjusting to a new time zone or not having my routine workout equipment, being flexible with what my routine looks like and planning against different time zones allow me to maintain my practice. I go so far as to block out the time on my calendar in the same way I would a regular business meeting.

Overlooking the importance of daily movement can have a detrimental impact on a person’s productivity, creativity, and overall success. There are several key benefits to prioritizing daily movements, and different ways it can provide entrepreneurs with a competitive edge.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Regular physical activity has been proven to enhance brain function. Prioritizing daily movement, especially first thing in the morning, is a critical step in transitioning from sleep-mode into a focused and productive work mode.  

Moving my body first thing in the morning, whether through yoga, walking, or stretching, helps to get blood flowing and any stagnant energy moving. More blood flow through the body means more oxygen to the brain, enhancing focus and combating brain fog. The boost of energy I get from morning exercise helps me maintain pace and engagement in back to back work meetings.

Those who incorporate daily movement into their lives often find themselves sharper, more alert, and better equipped to tackle complex business challenges.

Increased Productivity

Setting aside time for daily exercise doesn’t detract from productivity—it enhances it. Regular movement has been linked to improved time management, better organization, and increased efficiency. 

When one engages in physical activity, they experience heightened energy levels which contributes to better work output. Short, strategic breaks for movement throughout the day can prevent burnout, allowing people to maintain their peak performance levels for longer periods.

Stress Reduction

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with uncertainties, pressures, and high-stake decisions that can lead to high blood pressure and stress levels. Research shows that incorporating exercise in your daily routine prompts the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural stress fighters leaving you in a better mood. 

Regular exercise not only strengthens your body, it also helps strengthen your mind. I’ve experienced more focus, mental clarity, and stamina in getting through a hectic work day when I exercise regularly before the work day starts. Walking outside in the morning is my preferred pre-work workout routine and the combination of getting sun and Vitamin D, fresh air, and good oxygen flow supported by movement sets me up for better focus and energy throughout the day, which is essential for quick and strategic decision making.

Enhanced Creativity

Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, and regular activity stimulates the brain, increasing creative and innovative problem-solving. Taking regular breaks for a brisk walk or to engage in exercise can lead to fresh perspectives and ideas on business challenges. Entrepreneurs often find that stepping away from daily tasks for a while to move their bodies allows their minds to wander, making connections they might not have otherwise discovered.

Networking and Relationship Building

Daily physical fitness can also be a great opportunity for networking and relationship building. Activities like group fitness classes, working out at sports clubs, or participating in charity runs provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded individuals outside of the business environment. These interactions are a great way to foster new relationships that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and valuable insights that boost the entrepreneurial journey.

In business, dedicating time every day to movement might seem counterintuitive – there are only so many hours in a day – but I can’t overstate  the benefits it offers to anyone aiming to excel in their business. Enhanced cognitive function, increased productivity, stress reduction, boosted creativity, and more networking opportunities are just a few of the compelling reasons to make daily activities a non-negotiable part of one’s routine. By prioritizing physical activity, entrepreneurs not only invest in their overall well-being but also position themselves for success in business.

What is your favorite form of daily movement? Comment below.