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The term growth mindset has been dubbed our “internal superpower” for achievement. This belief system has been linked to manifestation, success, and abundance, but what is a growth mindset exactly? And why is it critical to achieving your goals and building a life well-lived?  Keep reading to find out how adopting a growth mindset can positively serve every area of your life and unlock your highest potential.

What is a Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset, as described by psychologist Carol Dweck, is the belief that your abilities and intelligence can be developed through learning and effort. A growth mindset means that you confront challenges and don’t see failure as a way to describe yourself but as an opportunity for growth and development. 

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset, which is the belief that your abilities and intelligence are innate and permanent; in other words, you function from a place of limitation and see certain aspects of yourself as “unchangeable”.

The unique thing about growth mindset? It’s almost how we are programmed as humans. If you think about how the world has evolved and developed over the decades, we’re programmed to strive for more and better. Our desire for connection, innovation, and overall happiness can be seen as proof that we want to expand, not restrain, ourselves — and with good reason..

Research has shown that those with a growth mindset are more likely to succeed in various areas of life — simply because they’re more open to learning and growth. Having a growth mindset is like having a superpower that helps you become more resilient, creative, and successful. 

“In essence, what you’re doing is becoming a more resilient person — and you’re able to thrive through challenges and setbacks, which allows you to ultimately overcome them.” – Nancy Twine

The Benefits of a Growth Mindset

Adopting a growth mindset in your day-to-day life is like hitting the jackpot of personal development. 

1. Problem solving? No problem

With a growth mindset, you’re actively on the lookout for new perspectives and fresh information, which can lead to better problem-solving skills and decision-making. Say goodbye to being stuck in the same old ways of thinking.

2. Increased resilience

Those who’ve cultivated a growth mindset are often more resilient because they believe that their capabilities can be developed through effort. This belief helps them persist when they encounter roadblocks. “In essence, what you’re doing is becoming a more resilient person,” Nancy says. “And you’re able to thrive through challenges and setbacks, which allows you to ultimately overcome them.” 

3. More ambition and greater success

Studies have shown that people with a growth mindset are more likely to achieve success in multiple life arenas, from personal relationships to work and school. The reason? They’re more open to learning and change, and are therefore better able to adapt and thrive in unique or challenging situations. 

4. Creativity unleashed

A growth mindset embraces thinking outside the box with open arms. A growth mindset lessens the fear of failure, allowing you to be more willing to try something new and take some smart risks.

5. Constantly improving and evolving towards better

Growth mindset views feedback as a gift. When you have a growth mindset, you’re more open to receiving constructive feedback and applying that feedback — which lays the foundation for personal improvement and evolution. 

How to Cultivate Your Own Growth Mindset

Now that you know the benefits of a growth mindset, let’s uncover how you can cultivate your own:

1. Practice self-reflection

Take some time to reflect on your own thoughts and beliefs about your abilities. Do you find that you have more of a fixed or growth mindset?  If you have more of a fixed mindset, reflect on the root of your limiting beliefs and spend time taking low-risk changes to lean into new opportunities.

2. Seek out new challenges

Look for opportunities to try new activities and stretch outside of your comfort zone. Doing this can help you develop new skills and improve your sense of self-confidence.

3. Embrace feedback

Feedback is a gift! This simple reframing of the narrative helps you avoid getting defensive or upset when you receive feedback. It takes some practice, but actively viewing feedback or constructive criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow is key to embodying a growth mindset. 

4. Learn from your mistakes

Rather than dwelling on your mistakes, try to view them as learning opportunities. Everything in life is a lesson. Reflect on what you could have done differently and use that knowledge to improve going forward.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people

The company we keep and the energies we surround ourselves with naturally impact our well-being and mindset. Seek out relationships with people who embrace a similar growth mindset and who will support your own developmental journey.

What’s an area of your life where you can embody a stronger sense of growth mindset? Let us know in the comments how you can begin to tackle more progress in this area.