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Ten years ago, after having left a promising 7-year career on Wall Street and picking up the pieces after my mother’s passing, I was ready to put it all on the line to take a shot at realizing a dream.  I’d never worked in beauty or marketing – and I wasn’t a licensed hair stylist.  I knew hardly anything about launching a brand or working with retailers.  I had no credentials or expertise in what I was setting out to accomplish – but I did have a relentless amount of drive that was rooted in pure, undiluted passion.  Today, as I mark the 10-year journey of Briogeo Hair Care, I’m reminded of how passion, even when it’s seemingly naive, holds the power to make our biggest dreams a reality.

The beauty of passion is its intangibility. It isn’t something you can hold, but it’s the force that has held me steady through the highs and lows. Starting Briogeo wasn’t just about launching another product on a shelf; it was about giving life to a vision, one inspired by cherished memories of creating natural homemade beauty products with my mother and the ambition to bring something unique to a category that was ripe for disruption.  

To me, hair has always been more than just strands on our heads. It’s a canvas of our identity, stories of our lineage, and symbols of our personal journeys. With Briogeo, my passion was to understand and honor these stories, offering products that celebrate each unique narrative.

Every journey, especially one as personal to me as Briogeo, comes with its own set of challenges. There were moments of doubt, days and weeks where the path seemed unclear. But each time, it was the fire of passion that relit my way, reminding me of the dream I set out to achieve.

The beautiful thing about passion? It’s contagious. My dream for Briogeo was never confined to just me; it reached out, touching the hearts and heads of so many. A few weeks ago, I was reminded of this when I celebrated our 10-year anniversary in person with our LA community.  I could literally feel the love and joy radiating throughout the room as people shared stories about how Briogeo products transformed their hair or gave them “hair confidence” for the first time.  Over the years, I’ve seen a community grow – individuals who not only love our products but resonate with the ethos and passion behind Briogeo.

As I look back on this 10-year voyage with Briogeo, I see more than a series of milestones that got us to where we are today. I see a testament to the boundless potential of passion. It serves as a beacon for all dreamers, whispering that when dreams are fueled by passion, no horizon is ever too far.

This journey has taught me a profound truth: passion is the pen that allows us to script our most cherished stories. Briogeo, for me, is not just a brand; it’s a chapter of my heart, a dream realized through the magic of passion.

Today, as I toast to a decade with Briogeo, I hope my journey inspires you. Whatever your dream, let passion be your guide, for it holds the key to unlocking worlds you’ve only ever imagined. Happy 10th Anniversary, Briogeo. Here’s to the magic that lies in each of us.

With love,