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As entrepreneurs, our days are hectic. Deadlines, Zoom calls, and business planning can deplete us — even when we love what we do. Entrepreneurship was never for the faint of heart, but over the course of my career, I’ve developed a nighttime routine that enhances my evening for a better morning.

Much like my healing practices, my bedtime ritual is simple and consists of three essential parts: Skincare, supplements, and sleep.

My Nighttime Skincare

My passion for skincare is as deep as haircare. In the evening, when I close my laptop and officially end my work day, I immediately come undone in five steps:

1. Wash away the day.

No matter how exhausted I am, I don’t skip this step. When it’s all said and done, I cleanse. Removing product, makeup, and build-up from the day is the start of my skincare routine. A fresh base is symbolic of my release of what has passed, closing the cycle of my nine-to-five to reset for the morning. To clean and nourish my skin, I rotate between Hyper Skin’s Gentle Brightening Cleansing Gel and Abundance PhytoCeramide face cleanser by Motif. (My good friend, Devanshi Garg Sareen, started a beauty brand.) Abundance is formulated with gentle, non-abrasive exfoliants that leave me with a smooth canvas to apply more skincare, whereas the Hyper Skin formula doesn’t exfoliate but it gives you a deeper cleanse.

Hyper Even gentle brightening cleansing gel used during Nancy's nighttime routine
Motif Abundance Plumping PhytoCeramide Cleanser - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

2. Rehydrate

Post-cleanse, I apply the Hydration Balance serum from Veracity Skincare. It’s a multi-weight hyaluronic acid that prevents transepidermal water loss. It’s a moisture magnet that replenishes my skin before I apply face cream. For evenings when my skin is extra dry, I’ve been rotating this serum with Shani Darden’s new Hydration Peptide Cream. It gives me the boost I need to support my skin barrier. I love this cream because it’s oil-free and gives me hydration without congestion.

Veracity Skincare Hydration Balance serum
Shani Darden Skincare Hydration Peptide Cream

3. Balance + Brighten

The perfect follow up to Veracity’s serum is EADEM’s Milk Marvel dark spot serum. The rich formula is made with niacinamide and vitamin C for brightening. (EADEM uses their Smart Melanin™ Technology to evenly brighten, hydrate, and balance all complexions.)

Eadem Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

One bonus note: If my skin is craving additional hydration, I’ll pat on a few drops of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum as a final moisturizing layer. As of late, I’ve also been taking extra care of my under eyes. Dieux Skin’s Auracle Reviving eye gel is my go-to. It’s a lightweight, non-greasy texture that seeps in the skin for hydration under the eyes.

Vitner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum - used during Nancy's nighttime routine
Dieux Skin Auracle Reviving eye gel - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

For drier areas of my body, like my arms and elbows, I rehydrate at night with Topical’s Slather Exfoliating Body Serum.

topicals exfoliating body serum - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

4. Tighten + Tone

Throughout the week, I face roll. More specifically, I beauty roll — using MDNA’s beauty roller. The tool is a part of Madonna’s (yes, that Madonna) body tool line. I use this clever apparatus on my face and neck to improve circulation and contour my jaw line. The two-prong shape tapers and smooths to tighten up the skin.

MDNA Beauty Roller - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

5. Lip care

Many people miss this part of the nighttime routine. For my lips, Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask is my go to. The treatment is all about hydrating to prevent dry, chapped lips. I love to take this extra step at night for the perfect pout in the A.M.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

My Nighttime Supplement Routine

I prefer taking supplements at night. Supplements can sometimes upset my stomach and I don’t tend to feel it when I’m sleeping!  Taking supplements at night also allows me to take advantage of my body’s repair schedule. As I enter restorative sleep, I allow the surge of vitamins to support that process.

My main supplements include:

1. Briogeo’s Destined for Destiny Vegan Omega 3, 6, 9 + Biotin

This supplement helps to promote growth, strength, and health for my hair. (P.S. I have an exclusive discount code for 20% off this product on — Tell ‘em Nancy sent you and use code:  NANCYT)

Briogeo’s Destined for Destiny Vegan Omega 3,6,9 + biotin supplement - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

2. Vitamins B, D, E

Plus, a multivitamin for full-body health and energy.

PhytoMulti with Iron - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

3. CoQ10 and fish oil

These are for digestion and brain health.

Nordic Naturals ultimate omega +CoQ10 - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

4. OLLY sleep gummies with melatonin, L-theanine, and botanicals

These gummies help to ease into restful sleep quicker (This depends on how high-stress or energy my day was).

OLLY Sleep gummies - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

My Nighttime Sleep Routine

Skincare and supplements aside, I aim for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Typically, I get seven to seven and a half hours of rest. Part of getting the most out of my sleep hours is keeping track and keeping comfortable.

1. I use an Oura Ring to stay informed on my sleep quality

The ring tracks my habits, depth of sleep, and disruptions so I can make modifications where necessary.

Oura Ring Gen3 -used during Nancy's nighttime routine

2. Sleepwear is essential for my comfort

I love Eberjey pajamas. Their sustainable TENCEL™ Modal fibers are super soft, temperature-regulating knit that makes me feel cozy and nestled. (Fabric plays a major role in my comfortability in a state of rest.)

Cream and black Eberjey tencel top and shorts pajamas - used during Nancy's nighttime routine

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or just looking to have a better morning, developing a straightforward bedtime routine can give you the structure and restoration you need to increase your energy and focus. Take inspiration from me or develop your own practice from scratch. Either way, begin now and so you can start to reap the rewards.

What’s your nighttime non-negotiable? Share your routines in the comments!