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When I started Briogeo Hair Care, it dawned on me that creating a brand identity was more than just coming up with a unique brand name and visual assets: it’s about creating a thoughtful vision that is authentic to you and that resonates with your intended audience. 

The Heartbeat of Your Brand: Crafting with Passion

Every choice you make when creating your brand should reflect your values and aspirations. Your brand identity is deeply personal and should be infused with authentic passion.

Core Values: Your Brand’s DNA

Your brand’s core values are its compass, guiding every business decision and shaping its identity. For Briogeo, our DNA has always been rooted in clean & effective ingredients, sustainability, and inclusivity. The values you establish are the genetic code that defines your brand’s character and directs its path in the market.

Mission and Vision: Charting Your Brand’s Destiny

Your brand’s mission and vision are the guiding stars of your enterprise. The mission articulates the ‘why’ behind your brand, while the vision paints a picture of the impact you aim to achieve. Together, they create a clear, inspiring direction that establishes a north star for how you steer your brand through a competitive business landscape.

Brand Voice: Crafting Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

The voice of your brand is its unique blend of tone and personality that communicates your core values and mission. Whether it’s professional, friendly, or edgy, it must be consistent and authentic, resonating with your audience across all platforms. It’s this voice that builds recognition, trust, and a lasting connection with your customers.

Visual Identity: Dress to Impress

Your brand’s visual identity is its signature style and will oftentimes reflect your company’s values. For example, Briogeo’s focus on “hair care for all” is reflected in how we cast a diverse group of models and influencers to represent the brand in our photography.   How you establish your brand’s visual identity should also mirror its inner ethos. Here are a few more aspects of establishing a clear and consistent brand identify that you’ll need to plan for:

Create a Memorable Brand Logo

Your logo is your brand’s first impression – it should be crafted to be both unique and memorable. If you’re looking to create or revamp a logo, resources like Canva and Fiverr offer accessible and affordable options for logo design and other design elements.  If you plan to work with a creative agency to establish your visual brand elements, ensure that logo creation is part of your creative brief.

Consistency Is Key

Maintaining a consistent visual identity across platforms, from social media to product packaging, is vital. Strive to make your  brand instantly recognizable, whether on Instagram or on your website.  The strongest brand visuals are easy to recognize across different platforms and in different places.

The Palette and Typeface of Your Brand Story

The colors and fonts you choose narrate your brand’s story. They should align with your brand’s personality and message; Briogeo leverages bright colors and motifs that speak to the optimistic and vibrant nature of our brand – and the spectrum of customers we serve.

Audience Connection: Engaging with Authenticity

Understanding the audience your company is serving is crucial. Like nurturing a friendship, it’s about connecting, engaging, and creating a sense of belonging. Let’s explore how to make your audience the heart of your brand.

Get to Know Your Audience

Dive deep into understanding your audience and what resonates with them. At Briogeo, we know that our core audience is conscious of the ingredients they put on their hair, skin and body and how their choices impact the environment.

Thoughtful Interactions Matter

Engage with your audience thoughtfully and consistently. Think of authentic and unique ways you can surprise and delight your audience – from how you keep in touch over email and through your customer service practices.  How you engage with your audience on social media is another key opportunity to create meaningful interactions, focusing on wherever your audience is most active.

Craft Your Brand’s Inner Circle Through Community Building

Creating a community around your brand can make each customer feel like they’re part of something bigger. An example of this is establishing a private online community where loyal customers share experiences and tips and get access to exclusive Q&A sessions with the company founder. This example not only cultivates a sense of belonging but also actively involves customers in the brand’s narrative.

Tell A Story That Resonates

Your brand’s origin story is a very important part of your brand narrative and it can create an emotional connection with your audience.  . How you craft your brand story should always be authentic and engaging, capturing the essence of your mission and resonating with your audience. At Briogeo, our brand narrative is centered around my family-inspired origin story and my vision of creating products that unite all people through the unique hair textures our products serve.

The Magic of Storytelling: Weaving Your Brand’s Narrative

Each chapter of your brand’s story, from your origins to your aspirations, should draw your audience deeper into its world. Share your triumphs and challenges in a way that’s relatable and memorable, making your audience feel like they’re part of your journey.

Content Creation: The Canvas for Your Tale

Diverse formats like blogs, videos, and podcasts are the canvases for your story. Use these mediums to unfold your narrative, each offering unique ways to engage your audience. Videos can bring your story to life visually and podcasts can create an intimate platform for a founder to storytell the brand’s origin story.

Media Diversity: Showcasing Your Brand’s Many Faces

Your brand’s presence across various media should showcase its multifaceted personality. Utilize platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, your website, and newsletters to highlight different aspects of your brand.

Building a brand identity is like writing a novel where your brand is the main character. It’s about authenticity, consistency, and passion. Your brand is not just a product; it’s an experience, a story, a journey. Craft it with care, tell it with passion, and create a closer & more authentic connection with your audience and consumer.

Share your triumphs, challenges, and the melodies of your brand journey. Drop your stories in the comments below.